SLOAN P- And His Journey to Music

Meet our featured artist, Sloan P, who is a 35-year-old musician from Brooklyn, New York. His story begins when his mom first exposed him to music as a kid. She always had music playing around the house and even the radio tuned in to hot 97 while they were sleeping. Soon after, Sloan P had to move into his grandmother’s house in second grade where they had a talent show at his school. His teacher assigned the students different musical groups and Sloan P got to do The Temptations. He was in luck because thankfully, his grandmother had all their cassettes at her home. So he went home and listened to those cassettes more than 100 times each on both sides and fell in love with the music instantly.

Sloan P soon discovered that he could record over the cassette tape with a microphone which he then got inspired to write songs and make music at school.

He then moved back into his mother’s house in 5th grade where he formed a group called M.A.P with a friend of his named Michelle. They wrote a song for a book called “The River of Ice.”

Now it has been 20 years, and Sloan P has released one of his hottest tracks called “Do You Miss Me”, which has over 14,000 streams in just over two weeks. He is amazed at the support he has gotten over the months and wants to make a shoutout to his old friend, Michelle, formally known now as SIYA.

Sloan P has been taking music seriously now for about 6 months. It use to be a hobby for him, but now he is taking a more serious path for music.


His genre of music includes pop, drill, R&B, and his original taste here and there.

The artists that inspire him are Lil Wayne, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, D-Block, Fabulous, and many more.

He would also like to make a shoutout to his whole SloanFam.

You can check out his music down below and We can’t wait to see what holds in the future for Sloan P.

Instagram: sloanfamp

Music: Youtube

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